We are very concerned about what is happening at the moment. The world is unbalanced and very strained. If nothing is done today and now, then humanity is doomed! For example, Global Military Spending is about $2 trillion per year. And these costs are only growing from year to year. And if we assume that the world refuses to continue arming and all these funds (or at least part of them) are redirected to a peaceful channel – to restore the Earth's resources, fight poverty, clean up reservoirs, planting forests, etc.? The world will undoubtedly get better. And the most important thing is education. First of all, education for the poor. In a world of high technology and constantly changing conditions, education is the key to success and levelling class inequality. After all, now education is a privilege. Our company goes to crowdfunding with its products to gain financial independence, so as not to attract various financial structures as investors, so that our opinions and actions are free. By supporting one of our products, you join our team. We want to live in peace and not be afraid that a global war will break out in the next moment, although it has been going on for a long time against us, Humanity… We want change! We want to get away from further arming. Our task is to make this world a better place. We, and only we, have the right to demand the implementation of these ideas from our governments. That's what the company is created for. That's what Barracuda is. Our Motto is: Our religion is love... Our nation is humanity... Our country is planet Earth!!! Together we can change the world in 7 steps".