People in different parts of the world have always been looking for the new things that could make their life easier, more interesting and exciting. This ambition gives an eternal food to the fire of progress. Why do gadgets become the symbol of our modern life? Why do we all need all those smart devices that we did not even hear about before? Smartphones and tablets, smart watches and e-books, digital cameras and even smart bottle openers and vacuum-cleaning robots — the list of gadgets is really endless and it continues to be updated. Gadgets entered our life not so long ago but they have already taken the central stage in it. At present, there are thousands of different devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, headphones and so on. Some of them are popular, others do not grab our attention. The 21st century is all about new technologies and data flow. Thus, people have to keep abreast of the times using more and more up–to–date technical equipment like the Internet, tablets, laptops, netbooks and, of course, smartphones.

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