Attributes of modern gadgets are portability and light weight. Such devices weigh no more than 300 grams and easily fit in the palm of your hand or pocket. Gadgets have high functionality, and most often, in addition to the basic functions, they contain a wide range of additional features. Today, without noticing it, we have surrounded ourselves with gadgets in all areas of activity. Since they are any digital devices of a small size that allow you to put them in your pocket or put them on your hand. Nowadays, gadgets, thanks to their main feature, namely portability, can be both indispensable parts of the workflow, and simple trinkets that will help you cope with boredom in moments of tedious waiting. In our progressive time, many new interesting inventions are born every day. The advent of gadgets has greatly influenced our world, making it look like the one we read about in books or saw in movies. No matter what human activity they come up with, there are gadgets everywhere that can help. Even for a small child, you can buy gadgets to develop or control him.

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