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The BR projects is a completely new look at design

Phylosophy of company

Let's build our better future together and write a new story!

About us

The direct creator of the project is the Universe. We are only guides and fulfill her will


all gadgets unisex


Gadgets that change the world


.. World of free people where is everyone's voice will be heard !


Our reputation and your support is everything for us ! And this is the best insurance for you !! We will fulfill our obligations on time.

Materials & Components

Art , Fashion , Smart , designer jewelry , wearable electronics , power bank , bracelet , bluetooth , headset , ring , player , design


Start of the project on the fifth of October

Our company goes to crowdfunding with its products in order to gain financial independence, so as not to attract various financial structures as investors, so that our opinion and actions are free. By supporting one of our products, you are joining our team.
Jewelry and gadgets in one

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Roman Tsypkunov
Project creator
Arkadii Pluzharov
Art Director/IT Group
Tsurkan Maksim/Tsurkan Andrii
Lesia Yaniuk
Commercial director
Weve got much in common and at the same time were all different but BR unites us.

Our religion is Love

Our nation is Humanity

Our native land is the Earth

Together we`re able to change the world in seven steps.

BR Company was created to ensure that the voice of each of you is heard when making decisions that are important for humanity. Our goal is for ordinary people to rule the world.
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